Census Details

1851 Maughold Census
Ballajorey Dist 2 Page 44 Entry 43 
Address: Maughold, Isle of Man 

William    KISSACK Head         age 47 
Proprietor of lands
Margaret   KISSACK Wife         age 35 
Margaret   KISSACK Daughter     age 12 
William    KISSACK Son          age 11 
Thos Henry KISSACK Son          age  4
Thomas, George's father at home with his parents
1861 Maughold Census
District: 3,  Schedule: 32,  
Address: Cornah, Maughold, Isle of Man 

William    KISSACK Head         age 50 
Farmer of 16 acres Maughold 
Margaret   KISSACK Wife         age 66?
Evan       KISSACK Son in law   age 30 
Margaret   KISSACK Wife of Evan age 23 
William    KISSACK Son          age 21
Thomas     KISSACK Son          age 14 
Catherine  KISSACK Daughter     age  9
Thomas, George's father at home with his parents
1881 Maughold Census
District: 3,  Schedule: 32,  
Address: Maughold, Isle of Man 

Thomas     KISSACK  Head       age 34
Lead miner, Maughold      
Isabella   KISSACK  Wife       age 26   
James H.   KISSACK  son        age  5   
William    KISSACK  son        age  4   
Wilfred    KISSACK  son        age  3   
Ernest     KISSACK  son        age  1
George's family prior to his birth in 1892
1891 Maughold Census
District 3, Schedule 32
1 Brown's Terrace

Thomas H   Kissack  Head M      age 43
Lead miner & Grocer, Maughold 
Isabella   Kissack  Wife M      age 36  
Annie M    Kissack  Daughter    age 15   
Wilfred    Kissack  Son         age 13
Ernest     Kissack  Son         age 11
John       Kissack  Son         age  9 
Elizabeth  Kissack  Daughter    age  3

George's family just prior to his birth in 1892
1901 Maughold Census
District: 3,  Schedule: 57,  
Address: Rhenab, Maughold, Isle of Man 

Thomas    Kissack  Head        age 53
Isabella  Kissack  Wife            46
Annie     Kissack  Daughter        25
John      Kissack  Son             19
Elizabeth Kissack  Daughter        13
George    Kissack  Son              8
Clarke    Kissack  Son              4
Walter    Kissack  Son              3
George at home in Maughold - age 8
1911 Canadian Census

Province: Manitoba District: MacDonald Enumeration District: 18 (page 12)

line   Name            Loc Sex Relation m/s D.O.B   Age Birth   Immigration 
19 123 KISSACK, John    CPR m  Head     m   Oct 1881 29 Isle of Man 1902    
20     KISSACK, Alexis  CPR f  Wife     m   Feb 1887 24 Scotland    1906    
21     KISSACK, Doris   CPR f  Daughter s   May 1909  2 Man(itoba)          
22     KISSACK, Wilfred CPR m  Son      s   Mar 1911  - Man(itoba)          
23     KISSACK, George  CPR m  Brother  s   Oct 1882 18 Isle of Man 1911

Name            Origin   Nationality Religion     Job Employment  wks hrs/wk wage  read/write 
KISSACK, John   Manx     Canadian    Presbyterian ?   Section CPR  52    60   900  yes/yes 
KISSACK, Alexis Scottish Canadian    Presbyterian                                  yes/yes 
KISSACK, Doris  Canadian Canadian    Presbyterian 
KISSACK, WilfredCanadian Canadian    Presbyterian 
KISSACK, George Manx     Canadian    Presbyterian Labourer? CPR   2.5    60 180?   yes/yes

George having emigrated to Canada and living with his elder brother.

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