MANANNAN'S MISTS by Elizabeth A Feisst


Manannan's mists a'shrouding
Transcending no pretext
Provide the way of moving
'Tween this world and the next
The doors of time are op'ning
Wider than before
The journey of the warrior
To spiritual lands afore
With magic tools provided
Inner powers be had
Virtues honouring goodness
Distinguish good from bad
The inner journey takes us
Further than we've been
The way is of magnificence
To worlds before n'er seen
Of beauty, love and wonder
Joyous laughter too
Freedom of the being
A soul a loving hue
Myth of Mann a'shrouding
Transcendent mists compare
Manannan, God/Protector
Of all who are aware.

©Elizabeth A Feisst 19 June 2005

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