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Mannin 2

Whilst researching more details of the Mannin (the ship my Grandad worked on), my Dad and I discovered that it appeared that the Mannin we knew may have been a later ship 'Mannin 2'.  This was very confusing, especially when in Padstow harbour we saw the 'original' Mannin that looked nothing like the Mannin we knew.....

Looking at photos, it looked as if the Mannin and Mannin 2 where the same ship! and yet the Mannin seen in the 1990's was neither of these.

(Mannin with Grandad on board)

(Later picture of the "Mannin" as "Mannin2")

(New "Mannin" at Padstow)

The explanation and solution to the mystery was provided by Captain Michael Brew, Director of Harbours, Douglas in February 2004.....

"There have only been two dredgers called "Mannin". When the original, steam-powered Mannin was replaced the Harbour Board wished to keep the name for its diesel-powered successor. There could well have been a period when the original "Mannin" was given the name "Mannin 2" so that "Mannin" could be transferred to the new one being built. The regulations governing the register of ships prevents 2 ships having the same name at the same time.

The original Mannin is the one that is at Ellesmere Port and its successor is at Padstow."

Thank you Captain Brew.

(original "Mannin" at Ellesmere Port - dredging days over!)
and worse to follow....

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