Maughold - James Henry Kissack (1875-1951)

1881 Maughold Census
District: 3,  Schedule: 32,  
Address: Maughold, Isle of Man 

Thomas     KISSACK  Head       age 34 Lead miner, Maughold      
Isabella   KISSACK  Wife       age 26   
James H.   KISSACK  son        age  5 scholar
William    KISSACK  son        age  4 scholar
Wilfred    KISSACK  son        age  3 scholar  
Ernest     KISSACK  son        age  1
1891 Maughold Census
District 3, Schedule 32
1 Brown's Terrace

Thomas H   Kissack  Head M      age 43 Lead miner & Grocer, Maughold 
Isabella   Kissack  Wife M      age 36  
Annie M    Kissack  Daughter    age 15   
Wilfred    Kissack  Son         age 13 Scholar     
Ernest     Kissack  Son         age 11 Scholar    
John       Kissack  Son         age  9 Scholar     
Elizabeth  Kissack  Daughter    age  3

This is James' family but he has moved on..... (see below)
1891 Maughold Census
District: 3,  Schedule: 46  
Address: Rhenab Farm House No 2, Maughold, Isle of Man

Robert     Joughin Head S        age 55   born Maughold Farmer
M ary A    Kelly   Servant           25   born Maughold General servant domestic 
Isaac      Kelly   Servant (widower) 62   born Braddan Farm labourer 
Frederick  Quine   Servant           19   born Malew Farm labourer
James H    Kissack Servant           15   born Maughold Farm labourer

Here we find James as a farm labourer for Robert Joughin.