The story of the Maughold Cross
An ancient remnant almost lost
Instead remains for all to see
It stands today with dignity

Once was found outside the gate
Then Maughold Churchyard was its fate
With stone a'crumbling, soon was haste
The Church became its resting place

Of sandy stone was carved the Cross
From St Bee's so thus "across"
Magnificent pillar standing tall
Ancient stories to tell all

Carved a'time in history
When there was much mystery
Six hundred years have now gone by
Yet one knows not the story why

Four-sided cross with different hues
Each side a picture carved to view
Each one is so magnificent
With stories so significant

The first it shows Three Legs of Mann
Rotating such, no longer can
Above the Legs for all to see
Crucifixion history

So moving further on around
The next depiction to be found
A cross with flower, above which shows
The virgin mother and child a'glows

Further still is seen a view
A leaf of oak, a carven hue
A kneeling figure so serene
A square and plant below is seen

A final view as one moves round
A leaf of oak again is found
Above the leaf is seen a rose
Below a chalice does repose

The ancient Maughold Parish Cross
A timeless gem yet tinged with dross
With much not known or understood
As time moves on perhaps one could

© Elizabeth A Feisst 12 June 2005