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No 13 KISSACK information

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IOM Railways

a badge depicting No.13

Built in 1910 (Works No. 5382) by Messrs. Beyer, Peacock & Co. Ltd. (of Gorton Foundry, Liverpool Road, Manchester) Manx engine Number 13 "KISSACK" is a 2-4-0 Bissell-truck Tank Locomotive, and runs on a 3ft Narrow Gauge track as laid in the Isle of Man and still in use today. The type of locomotive is sometimes known as the Manx Peacock.

(photo copyright James Waite - used with thanks)

Rex writes in 'The Seed of Isaac':  "Thomas Kissack (DmXX), who as one of his nieces put it, was a dentist in Manchester, and did exceedingly well, 'He charged a guinea a visit when other dentists charged 7/6d.', returned to the Island and lived in Eyreton in Quarterbridge Rd. The charisma of old William the Merchant was clearly on him. He laid out his money well, and when he died in 1928, he was worth ?20,000. He won this distinction for the family; as a director of the Isle of Man Railway, he had locomotive No. 13 named after him, and so Kissack is the only Manx surname to be borne by a Manx engine!"

When I saw No. 13 "KISSACK" in August 1993, it was in Douglas Station sheds having had parts removed to service the other engines (probably No.12 "Hutchinson" a sister engine).

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