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The name Kissack

The name Kissack can be traced to the Isle of Man. The origin of its forerunners, such as MacKissage, Kissage, McIssac can possibly be traced to neighbouring Scotland.

The pronunciation is KIZ-ICK (listen to the pronunciation here) and because of this you sometimes see the name recorded as Kissick especially on emigration to Australia, America and Canada. It is tempting today, to mispronounce the name as KISS-ACK to facilitate spelling by the listener (and I am guilty of this myself).

A.W Moore wrote a book about Manx (from the Isle of Man) names. It records of Kissack:


KISSACK contracted from MacIsaac, ' Isaac's son,' is rarely found except in the Isle of Mann.

GILBERT MCISSAK was one of the 24 "Keys of Mann" in 1417, and in 1422 HAWLEY M'ISSACKE "was arraigned for that he feloniously rose upon John Walton, Lieutenant of Mann, sitting in the Court of Kirk Michaell."
Compare:(Gaelic) M'ISAAC, M`KISSACK; (English) ISAACS, ISAACSON.

MCISSAK [1417], M`ISSACKE, MCKISSAG [1422], MACKISSAGE [1429], M`ISACKE, M`ISAACKE [1430], M`ISAACK [1504], KISSAGE [1486], KISSACK [1499], KYSSAGGE [1601], KISSAG, KISSAIGE [1610], KYSAIGE [1629].

Santon (very common), Ballaugh, Lezayre, Michael, Braddan, Malew (common), elsewhere (uncommon).

Explanatory Notes:

1. The Surnames are in capitals and their derivations in Italics. All words in any language but English are in Italics.
2. Statute Law Book, p. 200.
3. The dates in square brackets are the earliest, as far as can be ascertained, at which they are found in the Insular records.
4. The date (1511) being that of the earliest rent roll of the Sheadings of Rushen, Middle, and Garff, is to be considered to stand also for '15l5,' the date of the earliest rent roll of the remaining three sheadings.
5. No dates are given after the end of the 18th century. For this purpose a careful analysis of all the Parish Registers (17) has been made.

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