William and Ernest - Bricksetters in Blackburn

An extract form the 1901 census reads :

In 1901 we find two Kissack brothers, William and Ernest have left home in Maughold and settled in Blackburn (Lancashire).  William has married Helen a local girl and they share their home in 13 Dyson Street with Ernest.

No. 13 Dyson Street

Dyson Street lies close to the Blackburn Royal Infirmary and is in an estate of back to back terraced houses.  During my visit in 2006 I noticed that rows of houses as close as several hundred yards away are boarded up and presumably the land is ready for re-development.  I wonder how long Dyson Street would last.

Dyson St (looking NW), 13 is on the right

Dyson St (looking E), 13 around the right hand bend

I havent managed to determine why the two brothers left the Island for the mainland, but presumably it was to seek work.  William was born 1876 second son of Thomas and Isabella (my Great-grandparents). In the 1881 census, his father is a lead miner and he has three brothers James Henry,  Wilfred and Ernest. Ten years later William's father is a lead miner and grocer, Ernest is still at home, but James and William have left.  And then in 1901 we find William and Ernest re-united in Dyson St.

Dyson St from the air

As they are both bricksetters I presume that there was active building going on in Blackburn. Perhaps not uncoincidentaly within a mile there is a newer estate where the roads are named after Manx towns! (more of that estate here)

Dyson Street stands on a hill above Blackburn and very close to the Royal Infirmary

Royal Infirmary

Overlooking Blackburn town centre